Having spent many years teaching watercolour painting Ramsay Scott is now devoting his time to the creation of original and stimulating works of art.
In his work he aims to exploit the intrinsic qualities of the watercolour medium:

TRANSPARENCY – glazing (the layering of successive washes on dry paper) to achieve optical colour mixing.

COLOUR FUSIONS – mingling colours on the paper using wet in wet and wet against wet.

GRADATION – subtle transitions of tone, texture, colour, direction and size.

TEXTURE – a variety of hard, soft and rough edge textures.

LUMINOSITY – using the white of the paper to reflect light back through deftly laid washes.

Some of his work might have form but little or no content. Hopefully there will be sufficient visual stimulation to engender exultation, consolation and relaxation, and subsequent contemplation of the deeper facets of our existence.